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 Barrie, Canada 2009/10 

 Henriette Mönch

 What do you associate with Canada? Polar bears, Ice hockey, Maple trees and Maple syrup and nature..? Are those things just prejudices or are they part of the typical Canadian life?
This question inspired me to do my exchange in this country to get to know the real life there and to learn more about Canada.
From September, 12th,2009 till January 29th, 2010 I experienced the time of my life.

Living in a multicultural family (which is typical for Canada) from Scottish and Maltese origins it felt like my second home and I was so happy. There were so many things to do and to explore that I extended my stay from December 5th for eight weeks.
I lived in Barrie a big town near Toronto where still was a lot of nature in and around the town. There I attended a High school and although I thought that I would never get used to the school system which is so different from Germany I adjusted very fast. From the many after school activities I took choir, swim team and dance team. I got to know a lot of people very fast because the Canadians are very outgoing and friendly.

With friends I went to the big Mall and downtown for shopping, to the movie theatre or to one of the many coffee sho

ps. In the winter I also went ice skating for a couple of times, watched Ice hockey games and went snow tubing. I also did trips to Niagara falls which were simply amazing and to Toronto for sightseeing and shopping as well as to the cottage of my host family in the Muskoka area where it eerily quiet.

Another highlight in my five months in Canada was the Christmas time; it was the fist time I spent Christmas without my family. We had the whole family coming to our house on Christmas day, beside plenty of food we had a lot of fun and I also got a lot of gifts. The time flew by so quickly and I still wanted to see a lot of things.

 My exchange in Barrie helped me to improve my English but I definitely learned a much more about myself, too. I became more self-confident and open-minded and I learned how to act on my own initiative.

 So if you want to learn about a new culture even if the time might be a little bit challenging I can just recommend you to go abroad; it is once-in-a-lifetime experience!

America Kentucky 2007/2008

Friederike Mönch

Have you  ever thought about going abroad for 3 months, half a year or even a year?and time flew away and so did we; to our host families.

It did not take me long to make this decision and I do not regret it at all!

My adventure started in New York City where I stayed for 3 days together with exchange students from all over the world. The big city astonished us, all these humongous houses, the Statue of Liberty, Chinatown and Time Square. It was simply breathtaking I spent the next ten months with my host family in Kentucky. It was interesting living in a foreign family, eating dinner as if it was your own. Little by little I adjusted to the different culture and customs.

I had to get used to many unfamiliar rules and expectations, Americans are very conservative, patriotic and religious.There were lots of holidays to celebrate.I made new friends very soon and did pretty well in school, whereas I have to admit that the American school system does not require much. On the other hand there are many school activities making up for the lack of academic education. Such as homecomings, prom, motto days school sports, competitions and performances.

On weekdays I went to school with a typical American school bus. My favourite subjects were Choir, Commercial Foods and Humanities and Arts.

After school I did sports, swimming, tumbling and track. On weekends I hung out with friends, went to Sport Competitions and Choir Performances. Moreover I went to basketball, baseball and football games on Friday nights.

But it were not just all the school celebrations that fascinated me. I am grateful for having witnessed an American Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve and Easter.

Furthermore I made friends from all over the world on trips to Virginia Beach and Washington D.C..

This whole experience changed me into a more open-minded person. I improved my English, learned to handle stuff on my own and got more self-confident.

If you are interested in learning more about a different country and its culture, as well as facing new challenges and making new experiences, I recommend that you do NOT miss this adventure.

Friends from all over the world are waiting for you!


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