Unsere Gastschüler

Why study abroad?

Germany Brandenburg/Berlin 2008/09

Monica Zayyany

Some might say travelling abroad to study is too complicated and that the culture-shock is too overwhelming, but I say otherwise!

In Norway the traditions do not differ that much from the German traditions, therefore I happened to slip perfectly fine into the German way of living!

I know, right? Why did I choose Germany and not Mexico or Australia where I could bask in the sun?

Well, I was looking for an adventure, and an adventure can beginning anywhere, right? So I chose Germany as the location of my first, great adventure! I basically chose Germany due to the language. I’m a language freak. As I now speak several languages, German is the MOST complicated language I have ever encountered! So, if you can speak German, you can speak whatever language you want!

Making an exchange year also requires a commitment from YOU!

When I first came here, I was extremely excited and could not wait to jump on the plane to Berlin. The first thing that struck me was the family-sense the Germans have, the punctuality and the commitment. But never have I met people as warm and welcoming as the people in Germany. In Norway the people have other values and norms, naturally. I first arrived in the end of the summer-break and I was incredibly relieved that the weather in Berlin is so warm and suiting! Simply loveable! But I miss the mountain hills and the outdoor-activities in Norway. Before I came here I used to dance. Now, on the contrary, I go horse-back riding!

I have already had so much fun here, and I was and I am so overwhelmed by all the different things you can experience in one country! I could not coop that well with my first family, but thanks to wonderful friends here I got to live with a fantastic family and I am having a fantastic time!

Another thing that hit me was the school-system here! I must admit, school is easier in Norway, so for the first time in my life I’m looking forward to going back to school. In one way, I’m still excited about the school here, but in another way also slightly disappointed. Back home, we use computers rather than normal school books and pencils! So, we have fewer problems with our backs.

I must also truly say that I find the Germans love of beer fascinating!

Firstly, I have become a more grown-up person, furthermore responsible, and finally more social and I can owe it all to my, currently on-going, exchange year in Germany!

Be spontaneous, and just go!